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The principal instructor at 1st Class Driving School is Des McGonigle, a vastly experienced instructor, who is adept at teaching nervous pupils with various levels of experience.

These include pupils taking their 1st steps towards securing a full driving licence, nervous pupils who have lost their self-esteem through bad experiences with previous instructors or irate family members, and those coming back into driving after a lengthy time off from behind the wheel.

Des, with his patient and friendly approach, has always managed to get pupils, with no previous experience, on the main road on their very first lesson,
with training structured to the individual’s needs.

We, at 1st Class Driving Tuition, consider ourselves very lucky that in Des we have an instructor who has achieved a grade 6 mark
- the highest mark that can be awarded to instructors – on 5 successive occassions.
To our knowledge the only instructor to have achieved this fete, less than 5% of instructors ever achieve this grade in their whole career.

Des has worked in London, as well as Kent, where through his successful high pass rate, he built up his own driving school – “1st Time school of motoring”
from a 1 man operation in 1980, to when he sold it in 1998 as a 65 car driving school which still remains one of the biggest independant driving schools in London.

The Car

Our cars offer superb road handling, amass with safety features, smooth acceleration, easy change gearbox, excellent breaking system and an abundance of seating positions that accomadates anyone from 4ft to 6ft-6inches.

We offer a small to medium sized car maximising the inner space giving it a big car feel with an effortless smooth ride rarely seen in small cars.

Take full control of your driving tuition and learn with the best...

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